Welcome to Glasgow Copy & Paste [Formerly Caledonian] University

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  • Don't have enough time? And/or interest to write a Ph.D. dissertation?
  • Do you have enough money? And/or a high profile political career?
    • Don't worry! Just go ahead and apply to Glasgow Copy & Paste [Formerly Caledonian] University
    • At GCnPU, a.k.a. GCU, you will enjoy the most advanced Technology enhanced learning (TEL) toolkits available in the market, including CnP, DnD and WWnNA, to write a complete thesis at maximum speed.
    • Our PhDExpress® package, exclusively customized for political figures of the oil-rich Middle East countries, will make life easy for you.
    • With our high quality Ph.D. certificates - printed on the papers made from the astonishing high quality wood pulps of Scotland - you can become a fast-track doctor, holding a Ph.D. degree from a prestigious university. We even hold SGCODs (Special Graduation Ceremonies on Demand) for our special students [like this].

    • CnP Technology: Copy from other people's works and Paste in your thesis.
    • DnD Methodology: Drag large pieces of content from other sources and Drop it right to your dissertation.
    • WWnNA: In case of any objection to your high quality 'mixed thesis', our Whitewash-and-No-Action© approach, will guarantee the survival of your degree. We can buy enough time for our students as long as they need, by using special answers like these:
    • Glasgow Copy & Paste (Formerly Caledonian) University (GCnPU), was the first university in Scotland to achieve EcoCampus Platinum certification for its environmental practices. We, as an award-winning plagiarism-friendly institution, even respect the political environment! For more information please ask some our alumni, or visit this website (rouhanithesis.com).